I'm a Seattle-based travel and lifestyle photographer.

First things first, I'm a feeler, an INFP-T if you're into that sort of thing. I take in the world and its energy at a high level and enjoy processing those experiences through imagery. I throw myself at it and all its spirit and craziness. I enjoy the whirlwind and pride myself on having an open heart and mind to all the experiences granted to me in this lifetime. 

Travel and creativity were engrained in me from a young age. My grandmother, who has visited every continent, is a watercolor artist and taught me how to see light. My father is an engineer with a passion for structural design. And my mother put my first camera in my hands and said "You only have 24 exposures, use them wisely."

After studying theatre and playwriting for a short while, I realized I much preferred film and photography to share stories. Most of my inspiration comes from movies, old and new. My favorites include Atonement, Amélie, The Graduate, The Big Lebowski, Call Me By Your Name, The Artist, Fargo, and The Goonies. 

I currently reside in Seattle with my husband and 120lb dog, Archie. He's huge and yes, I use him as a pillow frequently. 



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