Camping on Cold Beaches | Olympic Peninsula

I've never seen anything like the beauty I've seen in the PNW. Beauty that slaps you in the face and your jaw instantly drops. The first time I drove through Snoqualmie Pass in winter I was entranced by the huge mountain peaks and trees weighed down by feet of snow. And good news, it never gets old. 

The Olympic Peninsula is no exception. A Tolkienesque landscape that gently pushes you to look inward. Anywhere on that arm of land is perfect for self-reflection but my top recommendation is Shi Shi Beach. You can't drive to it, there's no services, and the last bit of the hike is down a muddy cliff with only ropes to help you down. You'll be fine ;)

Every year at Shi Shi is different, but this particular trip was a bit foggy and cold which only added to the mystical feeling of Washington's coastline. Nothing like a painful and stunning beach to make you ask life's tough questions. 

Do yourself and favor and find a good spot near the waves. Plant yourself in the sand and look out into the ether. I like to imagine someone is doing the same on the other side.